Title Companies
We like to work as a signing agent for Title Companies.  We work for large national or out  of the area title companies who have the occasional transaction in the Western New York Area.  

We are also available to provide agent signing services in Western New York that need documents Notarized for an out of State Real Estate or Mortgage Transaction..

We have experience closing Mortgage, Purchase, Sales, Lenders, and Title Insurance Transactions.  We are Certified, Background Screened and Insured as a Notary Public Real Estate Signing.  In addition we are a New York Licensed Title Insurance Producer with the ability collect title curatives, mark up title and bind coverage.

Law Firms and Attorneys

Law Firms and Attorneys

We provide secure, confidential and accurate Notary Public services to your client’s or other required parties to a transaction that reside in the Western New York Area.


Should there come a time when your clients may not be able to travel to the law offices to sign documents, please consider using our Agency’s Services to provide Notary Public Services for your Firm.

We can provide remote services for lawyers and do it during hours that fit the needs of your client, the signers.

716 Unclaimed Asset Firms

Unclaimed Assets Firms

There are firms that locate unclaimed assets and get them to their rightful owners.

They are paid for their services based on a percentage of the assets that they locate.

Our office accepts notary assignments from Unclaimed Asset Firms by Email or Fax or threw our Web Portal.

Generally for Unclaimed Asset assignments we are paid contemporaneous with receipt of the documents to be notarized, unless prior arrangements are made with our office first.   Most of the time, the notary is paid up front and a check is included in the envelope with the documents that the asset owner must sign.

We provide fast, accurate, services for Unclaimed Asset Firms and fulfill there Notary Public requirements in New York State Covering the Counties of Erie, Niagara, Cattaraugus, Chatauqua, Wyoming and Genesee.